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(Credit: Tijs van Leur)


A study at Serbia's Exit Festival shows no sign of Covid-19

A scientific study undertaken at Serbia’s Exit Festival has reportedly resulted in zero coronavirus cases. The event, which commenced between July 8-11th at Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, welcomed up to 48,000 attendees each day. It boasted a superstar line-up that included the likes of David Guetta and DJ Snake. It was the first major European festival to be held since the pandemic began.

The Health Centre Novi Sad and the association Project Lab, under the management of epidemiologist Marija Milić MD, conducted the Covid study at the festival. They divided a group of 345 visitors into two categories: vaccinated and those who gained access by showing a negative test.

According to CULTR, the test subjects were tested prior to entering the festival when only one person was positive and accordingly refused entry. Testing was repeated again after seven days, July 15-17, and the results revealed that there were zero positive covid results in either group.

Milić MD said of the study: “In order to examine the risk of contracting a new coronavirus during a visit to a mass event, in the situation where all preventive measures have been applied, and when all visitors were required to be fully vaccinated or have a negative test for coronavirus, it was decided that during Exit Festival would be conducted a scientific study, thus using a unique opportunity to gain new scientific knowledge about the virus”. 

It is also being reported that ten days after the festival there was no significant change in the Covid rates in Novi Sad. In addition, the daily statistics of the virus in the period from July 8-19 in the city did not differ from the averages in the rest of Serbia. 

It has been claimed that there was no spread of the virus at the festival, even after 20,000 foreign visitors were in attendance. Reportedly, only one foreign visitor tested positive upon return to their home country.

Watch David Guetta’s set from Exit Festival, below.