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(Credit: Jelena Ivanović)


EXIT Festival announces revamped 2021 line-up

The year is 2021, and yet we are all still collectively trying to piece together parts of 2020 that fell by the wayside due to coronavirus. One of the most pervasive examples of this is the rescheduling of a number of major festivals that were to occur last year.

One of those major festivals, the EXIT Festival all the way over in the Siberian city of Novi Sad, have announced a revamped line-up for their 2021 iteration. The new line-up features prominent names in hip-hop and electronica like David Guetta, Tyga, DJ Snake, Sabaton, and more.

The festival, which would have celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year had it not been for that pesky global pandemic, actually has a fairly tumultuous and inspiring impetus. Founded by a group of Serbian students, the festival was originally a platform to advocate for democracy and independence amid the Yugoslavian election of 2000. If you’re not exactly brushed up on your European history, don’t worry, you won’t have to be to attend the festival: Yugoslavia dissolved, the pact that Serbia had with Montenegro was peacefully dissolved in 2006, and around the same time the EXIT Festival lost almost all of its political ideology and activism, instead of becoming just another huge getaway where you can buy bad ecstasy from a guy who is also selling grilled cheese sandwiches out of a backpack. Truly the dream of freedom is alive and well.

In lieu of any real new material to link, instead allow me to send you to the painfully awkward moment when David Guetta remixed Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech to pay incredibly white bred tribute to George Floyd and his family. If I’m not allowed to forget the moment when racism was eradicated once and for all, neither are you.

Here’s hoping he plays it at EXIT Fest. You can check out the full lineup for the EXIT Festival down below.