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Yoko Ono reveals new "First World Peace" exhibition at Exit Festival

Visual artist Yoko Ono has revealed a collaboration with Exit Festival and will provide her new exhibition entitled ‘One day…’ as part of the ‘First World Peace’ initiative.

The festival is marking the 100 anniversary of World War I, the Serbian festival has recruited Ono to create her landmark piece based on a model of the traditional Serbian wooden boat, called chaika. The boat was used by the Serbian frontiersmen, a platoon who patrolled the borders with the Ottoman Empire more than 100 years ago.

“This work of art will promote the Petrovaradin Fortress throughout the world as the Peace Fortress, since this is the largest defensive military fortress in Europe which has, however, not been a part of any battle or war operation ever since it was built in the 18th century,” Exit Festival said in a statement.

“The landmark was inspired by the Novi Sad 2021 European Capital of Culture program “Peace Chapel” and the fact that the Petrovaradin Fortress, home of EXIT festival, represents a cultural and historical monument of national importance.

“This peace monument will become one of the most important cultural and tourist landmarks of Novi Sad and Serbia, with an important regional dimension, highlighted by the fact that it was the EXIT Festival and the Petrovaradin Fortress where the youth from the EX- Yugoslavian countries came together for the first time after the conflicts of 90s. The project is realized with the help of Novi Sad 2021- European Capital of Culture, City of Novi Sad and NIS through the “Zajednici zajedno” program.”