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Sean Penn claims Ukraine is going to win the war against Russia

When the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine broke out, it did not take long for Sean Penn to mobilise. Within a day, Penn decided to attend government press briefings at the Ukraine capital of Kyiv in order to make a documentary about the war and the unfolding global conflicts. According to the reports that had surfaced, Penn had been in the country since November of 2021.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy praised Penn’s efforts to capture the horrors of war, stating that the filmmaker had spent a lot of time with journalists, public officials and the military. Earlier last month, Penn and his crew had to flee from the country due to the escalated situation which forced them to walk to Poland.

In multiple interviews with US outlets, Penn has publicly declared that Ukraine will win the war against Russia. The director claimed that there was an unprecedented unity among the country’s residents as well as the military which has been well-documented in the videos that have come out on the internet since the war gained momentum.

On The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell, Penn declared that Ukraine is “going to win this thing…it’s a certainty.” While describing how he perceived the social climate in Ukraine, Penn added that this war has historical significance: “It’s an exciting moment in history…They look at each other and they say we’re together.”

“This is freedom of thought and true leadership that is just so moving,” he continued. “It’s the kind of moving that we need to be able to get [to the US], which is borderline a kind of populist lap dance of a nation at this point. We’ve got to get back on track together and realise that Ukraine, with all its diversity, has a unity we’ve never seen in modern time.”

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