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Savages’ Jehnny Beth releases new single 'Innocence'


Savages lead singer Jehnny Beth has released her new single, ‘Innocence’, and announced that her eagerly anticipated debut solo album has been delayed.

Beth, who originally planned to release To Love Is To Live on May 8th, will now push back the date to June 12th amid the current pandemic crisis which continues to wreak havoc to the music industry,

“A lot of the things I tried to convey in the album resonates strongly today, sometimes as if premonitory,” Beth said of the new song. “‘Innocence’ is about the feeling of isolation I have felt many times in big cities while living so close to people and yet feeling so distant. I think this album coming out at this moment will feel important, maybe even comforting.”

Speaking about the differences between her solo career and that of the Savages material, Beth said: “Well, Savages was three or four years ago and I don’t know if you were the same person four years ago?” as part of an interview with The Wrap. “It might feel like a surprise but that was the point – otherwise we would have done another Savages record, I suppose. I was writing songs and I felt they were demanding a different sound. So I went on a search for it.”

She added: “When I stopped Savages, I couldn’t see another band without crying. I talked to Bobby Gillespie about it. At one of his shows I was side of stage, I had to leave for a while because I was so emotional. I came back and it was a great show. I saw him after and he asked me if I was OK. I was like: ​’I loved your show but it really made me cry’. He said to me this beautiful thing: ​’I know, it’s like seeing an old love’. It’s exactly that. It wasn’t jealousy. It was the beauty of the act, him and the crowd and that communion. I was overwhelmed and missing it very very much.”

The new single arrives shortly after the previously released number ‘Flower’, a track that arrived with a video directed by Peaky Blinders’ Anthony Byrne. The latest effort, however, was directed by Andreas Neumann and is made up of liver rehearsal footage.

Stream the song and the video, below.