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Sam Fender apologises for "heroes" photo taken with Johnny Depp

Sam Fender has issued an apology for uploading a photograph of himself with Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp, tagging them as “serious heroes”. The photo was uploaded onto his social media platforms on June 1st, just as a verdict was reached on Depp’s defamation trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

“I want to apologise,” he wrote on his Instagram Story today (June 4th). “I was invited to briefly meet a musical legend and an actor who has been in almost every film I’ve watched growing up. I went – we chatted music and without thinking I took a photo and posted it as it was pretty surreal.”

“It was naive and disrespectful to those who relate to any of the issues highlighted in the trial,” Fender elaborated, “and the broader issues it poses. I didn’t think it through and I should have.” Fender continued to chastise himself for “ignorance”, claiming that it didn’t take those nominally affected by domestic abuse into consideration. Fender is probably best known for his power ballad ‘Seventeen Going Under’, creating a more intimate sound to the barrelling hooks favoured by Beck.

Beck and Depp are reportedly working on an album together, but Beck isn’t the only musician to have publicly supported Depp during this difficult time. Former Beatle Paul McCartney performed a sparse rendition of ‘My Valentine’, suggesting that the bassist supports the actor at this critical point in his life.

In other Jeff Beck related news, the former Yardbird is currently embroiled in a tour across the United Kingdom. He will fly to Copenhagen on June 28th, from which point he will travel across the European mainland. The guitarist will likely perform many of the songs that he’s best known for, including ‘Beck’s Bolero’, a roaring rock number that featured Jimmy Page on the second guitar.

As it happened, the song is credited solely to Page, which has surprised critics and rock audiences over the years. Beck’s response was stoic: “No, I didn’t get a songwriting credit, but you win some and lose some down the years.”