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The Paul McCartney solo song that just missed out on being a Beatles hit


On January 14th, 1969, Paul McCartney entered the largely-vacant Twickenham studios to continue working on The Beatles Get Back project. During a conversation with a member of the film crew, captured in the docuseries The Beatles: Get Back, McCartney explains that songs and melodies simply come and go from his head. As an example, McCartney played a song that he had just started writing that morning: ‘The Back Seat of My Car’.

“‘Back Seat Of My Car’ is very romantic,” McCartney told Mojo in 2001. “‘We can make it to Mexico City.’ That’s a really teenage song, with the stereotypical parent who doesn’t agree, and the two lovers are going to take on the world: ‘We believe that we can’t be wrong.’ I always like the underdog.”

The Beatles were in a state of complete disarray when McCartney first played fragments of the song at Twickenham. George Harrison had quit the band a few days prior, and an attempt to get him to rejoin had further strained relationships within the group. While McCartney was playing ‘The Back Seat of My Car’, there was a strong uncertainty as to whether the sessions were going to fall apart completely.

Perhaps because of that uncertainty, or perhaps because McCartney hadn’t fleshed out most of the lyrics at that point, ‘The Back Seat of My Car’ wasn’t played by McCartney at any of the rest of the sessions that would eventually become Let It Be. He didn’t propose the song for inclusion on Abbey Road either and passed over the composition for his debut solo album McCartney. It wouldn’t be until 1971’s Ram that the song finally saw the light of day.

“‘The Back Seat Of My Car’ is the ultimate teenage song,” McCartney added, “and even though it was a long time since I was a teenager and had to go to a girl’s dad and explain myself, it’s that kind of meet-the-parents song. It’s a good old driving song. And obviously ‘back seat’ is snogging, making love.”

Check out the first version of ‘The Back Seat of My Car’ from The Beatles: Get Back down below.