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(Credit: Dave halls/Twitter)


‘Rust’ cast and crew write joint letter describing the set as “professional”


Almost two months after the tragic events of October 21st that saw the young cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, shot and killed by a faulty gun on the set of the film Rust and investigations into how a loaded firearm ended up on set remains a mystery. In the latest development from the case, the cast and crew have penned a letter describing a safe working environment on set, rejecting such allegations that suggested a dangerous workplace.  

Shared by the film’s former lead actor, Alec Baldwin, who pulled the trigger of the gun that eventually killed Hutchins and severely injured director Joel Souza, the letter described the set as “professional” amid allegations that the film’s producers had permitted the running of an unsafe set. 

Outlining the conditions on the set of the film, the letter stated: “We do acknowledge that no set is perfect, and like any production, Rust had areas of brilliance and areas that were more challenged”. Continuing, the joint statement added: “While we stand firmly with our unions and strongly support the fight for better working conditions across our industry, we do not feel that this set was a representation of the kind of conditions our unions are fighting against”. 

Signed by 24 employees who worked across the film’s production, including cast and crew, this letter goes against previous reports that suggested working conditions on the film set were less than satisfactory. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in November, Lane Luper, a camera assistant working on the film described the set as “brutal”. Outlining one particular moment of difficulty, Luper stated, We were working in a ravine that was about 200 yards off of a dirt road…all of our scenes were in this incredibly difficult working environment. Everybody was exhausted”. 

Despite pulling the trigger, Baldwin denies responsibility for the incident with the investigation to discover the truth behind the incident still ongoing.