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Credit: Shipguy


Rush member Alex Lifeson is putting guitars up for auction

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson is auctioning off some of his instruments. The rock star will purportedly put up more than 100 guitars for sale. The instruments will be up for bid as part of Julien’s Auctions “Music Icons” event taking place on May 22nd, 2002.

“Julien’s Auctions is proud to present this magnificent collection of coveted artefacts of rock history directly from the legendary guitarist and pioneer, Alex Lifeson of Rush, the most influential and innovative progressive rock metal band of all time,” Darren Julien, President/Chief Executive Officer of Julien’s Auctions wrote in a press release. “Lifeson’s mind-blowing creativity, musical virtuosity and raw power will take centre stage here in this epic auction of his legendary guitars, instruments, and rare memorabilia representing his enduring legacy as one of the godfathers of progressive rock metal music.”

Fittingly, Lifeson is also auctioning off his 1976 “Whitey” Gibson ES-355TD electric guitar, an instrument that served as his guitar as a choice during the 1980s. The guitarist claims it is his iconic guitar and made an appearance as early as 1977’s A Farewell to Kings. The guitar could net anything up as much as $200,000 – $300,000 at the forthcoming auction, which says a great deal about the band’s legacy.

Rush disbanded in 2020, following the death of songwriting drummer Neil Peart. Where Lifeson was responsible for the melodies, Peart came up with the themes and lyrics, leaving bassist Geddy Lee to sing the material. The trio collaborated as one voice and prided themselves on splitting the royalties equally. Peart, like his father, died from cancer, and bandmates Lifeson and Lee retired the band name in his honour.

Lifeson and Lee have suggested that they might work on music together in the future. The pair are eager to write, record and compose as they always did, but they cannot entertain an iteration of Rush if it doesn’t include Neil Peart. Lifeson has said he has many plans for the future, some of which can be done in collaboration with Lee, and some of which he would like to do outside of Lee’s orbit. As of the time of print, the projects have yet to materialise.