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Robbie Williams criticises Liam Gallagher's decision to perform Knebworth in 2022

Former Take That member Robbie Williams has queried Liam Gallagher’s intentions to revisit Knebworth, in an effort to drum up nostalgia for the rousing concert Oasis performed in 1996. Williams feels it’s unwise to revisit past haunts, a philosophy Liam’s older brother Noel would likely agree with.

“To go and do three again? I dunno,” Williams queried. “I listened to [Liam’s] last album [‘C’mon You Know’] and there’s some amazing songs on there.Like proper, proper – you know, how music should be. Or how this middle-aged fella thinks music should be.”

“I don’t know if you revisit [Knebworth], though,” the Take That singer continued. “Do you revisit it? I’m sure we’d do OK if we sold tickets as cheaply [as Liam].” Clearly, John Squire disagrees with Williams, and in a move that must have delighted fans of The Stone Roses, Squire joined Liam Gallagher for a rousing version of ‘Champagne Supernova’. Guitarist Paul Arthurs would have joined Gallagher for the performance but had to pull out of the proceedings due to ill health.

Arthurs mentioned “tonsil cancer” in a post on social media, but highlighted that it is treatable and hopes to be back on the stage with the former Oasis frontman in a short period of time. Arthurs explained that he needed to take time away from touring and performing to focus on his recovery. More recently, Arthurs gave a more positive update, stating that he was undergoing chemotherapy. He hopes to perform with Liam Gallagher when he’s strong enough to.

Williams enjoyed a healthy career as a solo artist in the 1990s, bolstered by the success of the piano ballad ‘Angels’. He rejoined the rebooted Take That in time for ‘The Flood’ and enjoys a strong friendship with bandleader Gary Barlow. Barlow has recently conceded that he undervalued Williams talents as a creative person during the 1990s, claiming that he replaced many of Williams vocals with his own.

Barlow could never match Williams as a solo artist, but he maintains a strong reputation as a songwriter. Barlow’s yearning ‘Back For Good’ won two Ivor Novellos, and the song remains a mainstay in the band’s setlist all this time later.