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Watch Rob Brydon's hilarious impression of Mick Jagger

In terms of musical icons, it doesn’t get much more legendary than Mick Jagger. The frontman of The Rolling Stones, Jagger seemingly has nine lives and has performed on a selection of the most influential and timeless rock tracks of all time. The songwriting partnership of Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards is what has given one of the world’s greatest bands the endurance to thrive for close to 60 years. 

Like Richards, Jagger is a larger than life figure of such mythical proportions that his status is elevated to a stratospheric level, cultivating respect and awe wherever he goes. In terms of aesthetic and sound, so many have tried and failed to sound like him. 

Jagger has done it all. Topped the charts, played across the world, hit notorious levels of fame and even cheated death on a number of occasions. He was there as rock music truly boomed with the ‘British Invasion’ in the mid-1960s, remaining one of its last survivors, still creating music to this day. 

In addition to writing some of the best-beloved Stones tracks, Jagger has had the pleasure of befriending some of music’s other icons, such as The Beatles, The Who Bob Dylan and countless others. The number of wild tales that Jagger has recounted over the years is dizzying, and in conversation, he manages to captivate with his candid accounts of some of music’s original behemoths. 

A huge character, it seems that Jagger makes a mark on all those he comes into contact with. While perhaps not on the international level of fame as the aforementioned names, another person Jagger clearly made quite the impression on was Welsh comedian-extraordinaire, Rob Brydon. During a 2017 interview on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, Brydon revealed all. The Trip star explained that he’d met Jagger briefly a few years prior to bumping into him again at a Christmas house party.

Detailing the party, Brydon explained that as he and his wife were leaving, he heard a strange noise, “Rob, Rob”. He looked round to find Jagger standing on the landing, who said: “Don’t throw those bloody spears at me”. A confused Brydon replied: “What, what?”, and given that Jagger’s body moves in a sort of contorted, convulsive kind of way, Brydon explained that, at first, he thought Jagger may have been having a stroke because he’s “in the age range”.

Then, Brydon realised that The Stones frontman was “doing Michael Caine in Zulu“. As Brydon revealed, there’s an episode of The Trip in which the comedian does an impression of the actor, and that is what Jagger was trying to do. Doing his best Caine impression, Brydon pointed his finger up at Jagger and declared: “I’ve told you before. If you’re not gonna sing, I don’t wanna bloody know, now get back in the other room”.

Brydon’s impression of Mick Jagger is incredible, and he touches on the vocalist’s almost cartoon-esque persona with brilliance.

Watch below.