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Revisiting some of The B-52s earliest live performances


The B-52s, an American new wave band formed in Athens, Georgia, in the 1970s, have announced the decision to call it a day.

Far Out reported the news that the band are calling an end to their time in music and, in celebration, have unveiled a farewell tour that will make stops in Gateshead, London, Nottingham and Manchester.

Hitting the big time with their self-titled debut LP in 1979, the band have become synonymous with parties and weddings up and down the country. Tracks like ‘Rock Lobster’ and ‘Love Shack’ put them on the main stage however and they became firm favourites of generation looking to cut loose.

Quite wonderfully, the band was formed in 1976 when vocalist Cindy Wilson, her older brother and guitarist Ricky, keyboardist and vocalist Kate Pierson, original drummer and percussionist Keith Strickland and cowbell player, poet and lead vocalist Fred Schneider held an impromptu jam session after sharing a flaming volcano drink at a Chinese restaurant.

The B-52s unusual and somewhat pioneering take on the new wave sound was combined with an element of surf rock and dance music which separated them from the rest.

In honour of their swansong tour, we delve into the Far Out Magazine Vault to dig out some of the earliest live footage we could find.


(Source: Open Culture)