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(Credit: Dan Tuffs / Alamy)


Revisit Phoebe Bridgers' captivating cover of The Cure song 'Friday I'm In Love'


Phoebe Bridgers is best known for her dreamy indie bedroom pop that features her soft, ethereal voice atop captivating melodic hooks. However, there’s more to her than being the next adorable singer-songwriter.

From her unique use of twang and distortion to her lyrical subtlety, she has something that can reel anybody in, regardless of their previous relationship to the indie-girl world. She is one of the many women taking alternative music by storm, and the industry is better for it.

After taking the world by storm with her 2017 album Stranger in the Alps, she followed up with another banger Punisher, which featured tracks like ‘Kyoto’ and ‘Garden Song’, both solidifying and expanding on her already-strong sound identity. 

However, her own original material isn’t the only place that Phoebe Bridgers expresses and explores her unique sound. In fact, there have been plenty of situations in which she’s brought her very own spin to all kinds of music. She’s lent her voice to songs like ‘When the Party’s Over’ by Billie Eilish and even Bo Burnham’s ‘That Funny Feeling’.

As she says herself, she takes her music taste extremely seriously, loving all kinds of music from classic folk to new indie rock choices. When speaking on some of her favourite songs, she says, “Soccer Mommy has a lot of grungey songs and Bright Eyes has a lot of faster songs, but I love the ones that tackle some sort of crushing feeling, that are longer and sadder melodically…my music taste really is ballads, I love a band ballad.”

Even though The Cure isn’t among her favourite artists she’s discussed publically and put on playlists, it’s clear where the connections lie between this classic new-wave rock band and the modern indie singer-songwriter. Especially in the realm of songwriting and lyricism, it’s easy enough to picture Phoebe Bridgers transforming one of The Cure’s songs into something haunting and sweeping to match the rest of her discography.

Even though The Cure employs a fuller, more rock-forward sound than Bridgers, the bones are there for her to pluck out a choice and create a magical cover the world didn’t know it needed.

This is exactly what happens when Phoebe Bridgers unexpectedly covers ‘Friday I’m In Love’. This is one of The Cure’s most recognisable songs, alongside tracks like ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, which makes it all the loftier to get right in a cover—many have tried. But Phoebe Bridgers gets it right by doing what she does best: making the song her own.

In Bridgers’ version of ‘Friday I’m In Love’, the song gets the slowed-down, stripped-down treatment, giving her voice the space to shine. However, it’s not just her vocal skills that take centre stage in this cover. Her version of the song allows for the lyrics to come through clearer.

Speaking of the lyrics, they can’t help but take on a slightly different meaning in this dreamlike cover. They sound a little more wistful, a bit more forlorn. She takes the opportunity to truly transform the song. It’s the kind of cover that you can throw on right after listening to the original, and it’ll still feel fresh.

If you want to hear Phoebe Bridgers cover The Cure’s ‘Friday I’m In Love’, you can listen right here.