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A selection of Phoebe Bridgers' favourite songs


Phoebe Bridgers is an American singer-songwriter who is taking alternative music by storm. Her debut studio album came out in 2017 and she’s been going strong ever since, with Grammy nominations and chart-toppers after just two albums.

Whether you’re a long-holding fan of Bridgers or new to the world of Phoebe’s wonderful croons, you may be wondering what the artist herself likes to listen to, and what tracks have inspired her throughout the years. 

When speaking of her personal taste, Bridgers starts off by saying, “I take music very seriously.” It seems as though her taste does lean towards the serious, with a mix of eclectic indie jams and classic folk tracks. But that doesn’t mean she’s thrown levity completely by the wayside.

She says of her favourite way to listen to music: “My favourite thing to do is to drive on the freeway with the heater on and the windows down. I just drive far. No destination, really. I love a road trip, even by myself. You’re safe in your car.” 

When getting specific on some of her choice artists, Bridgers commented: “Soccer Mommy has a lot of grungey songs and Bright Eyes has a lot of faster songs, but I love the ones that tackle some sort of crushing feeling, that are longer and sadder melodically…my music taste really is ballads, I love a band ballad.”

If you’re looking to get into Phoebe Bridgers’ headspace, you can check out some of her favourite songs and see which ones fit with your taste, too.

Phoebe Bridgers’ favourite songs:

  • ‘Poison Oak’ – Bright Eyes
  • ‘Jack At The Asylum’ – The Felice Brothers
  • ‘On the Floor’ – Perfume Genius
  • ‘Whatever (Folk Song in C)’ – Elliott Smith
  • ‘For A Dancer’ – Jackson Browne
  • ‘Scorpio Rising’ – Soccer Mommy
  • ‘Nightime’ – Big Star
  • ‘Places/Plans’ – Skullcrusher
  • ‘How Simple’ – Hop Along
  • ‘Pristine’ – Snail Mail

Stream the playlist, below.

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