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Rat Boy releases 'Fake ID' with new video


Ever since we proclaimed young Jordan Candy AKA Rat Boy as Your New Favourite Band he has gone on to win the hearts and mind of the restless suburban masses. Fuelled by punk riffs and quick rhymes he has garnered himself worthy attention. Following tracks ‘Sign On’ and the incredible mixtape ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ he’s got another tune for us all.

New track ‘Fake ID’ comes straight from the Jamie T book on how to write bangers. It’s full of Arctic Monkeys style realism with enough street aggro to make it a shoe-in for the angsty adolescents across the country. A catchy chorus and the undeniable charm of a street urchin completes the set.

The video, directed by Candy, Sam Hiscox and Jonny 3socks, is the visual representation of all of the above. Full of grimey pubs and ugly mugs it flits between Candy’s performance, classic rap shots and a group pounding around London on their skateboards.

Many will deem this immature and childish, and to a certain degree it is, but that is what Rat Boy is; a teenager with the world at his feet and the public’s ear to his lips.

What else would he write about, the struggles of finding a mortgage? Get fucked.