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Rat Boy gives us new mixtape

We’ve been long time admirers of Jordan Candy A.K.A Rat Boy. We featured him as our favourite new band and since then his popularity has been on an upwards trajectory. His songs have caught the hearts and minds of the misled and misrepresented youth, with flecks of Jamie T and a huge wealth of musical knowledge.

The latter is not as well-known as the former – that is until now. He has just released a 23 minute mix tape Neighbourhood Watch which dabbles in virtually every form of music that is available (excusing polka and classical). He flits between drum and bass beats, heavy dub, reggae riffs and punk notions to deliver one of the most enjoyable pieces of music we have heard this year.

Rat Boy is gunna be a star – mark our words. But don’t take our word for it, have a listen and try to disagree.


01 “Rat Boy Aint No Phoney”
02 “Knock Knock Knock”
03 “Interlude (70’s BBC)”
04 “Stick Up Kids”
05 “Interlude (B.A.B.Y)”
06 “Hit The Ground (The Sound)”
07 “Splendid Young Man”
08 “Interlude”
09 “Becca Becca Becca”
10 “Interlude (Girly Drinks Are Nice)”
11 “Violent Glare”