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Your New Favourite Band: Ratboy


If you were as underwhelmed about Jamie T’s return as we were and are put off by the slightly moronic, gold-gilted smile of Only Real then we have one word for you: Ratboy.

Ratboy has been making some waves on the underground scene for a while following his release The Mixtapes new single ‘Sign On’ is a beer swilling, cig-spitting anthem with the kind of infection you would find in the second hand clothes Jordan Cardy sings about.

The songs moves along with a reggae tinged punk tempo, Cardy seemingly spewing his mind across the music sheets and addressing the social immobility most of Britain’s Youth is facing up to at this time.

Set for release via Hometown Records on June 1, the song is an indie-pop bubble waiting to burst all over the dancefloor and cover anyone who is on it in a kaleidoscopic, translucent film of fun set to damage everyone’s vocal chords who hears it. You’ll be singing it from the rafter (or more likely the floor) as soon as that first whiskey hits your tongue.

Jack Whatley