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Radiohead have shared footage of their huge Coachella 2012 headline set

Radiohead have been working hard to alleviate the boredom of lockdown with a new series of classic concert films. Thom Yorke and co’s best work has been hitting YouTube on a weekly basis.

The Oxford band yesterday shared the latest instalment of the series and it sees the band reflecting on their massive headline set at Coachella Festival in 2012.

As with the previously shared films, the film was aired via YouTube on Thursday as once again the group reach out across the world as their global fandom tunes in to find some unity in isolation.

It also provided those who should have been attending Coachella festival in April a brief reminder of the mega-sets the Californian event has enjoyed. The 21-song set will go down in Coachella history as one of the most memorable headline show. The performance followed 2011’s The King of Limbs and took a lot of songs from the record for the set.

Of course, as well as songs from that album and its predecessor In Rainbows, the band also performed tracks from their glorious back catalogue including ‘Karma Police,’ ‘Pyramid Song’ and ‘Paranoid Android.’

It’s an enthralling set and despite offering up a pang of jealousy and a question of when we may be able to see live music again, it provides the perfect snapshot of why bands like Radiohead are so important.

Though Radiohead rumoured to have been in the middle of discussions in regards to touring before COVID-19 hit, the band are at least providing us with a taste of their legendary live show. You can watch it below at 10 pm this evening.