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(Credit: Radiohead)


Radiohead 2021 tour plans halted by pandemic

Radiohead were due to tour the world in 2021 but those plans have now been cast into doubt, according to guitarist Ed O’Brien.

The current uncertainty of the ongoing situation is one which has affected live music at all levels and this includes Radiohead, the immense amount of logistics and planning that goes into creating a tour for one of the biggest bands in the world is near on impossible in the current circumstances.

O’Brien was speaking with The Sun, who asked about Radiohead’s upcoming plans, to which he replied: “What happens next with Radiohead? I don’t know. We’ve been talking about live dates next year but that was pre-coronavirus.”

The Radiohead man suffered from coronavirus firsthand but has thankfully now beaten the virus, he recently revealed on social media in a video message: “Thank you to everybody who sent such love and lovely messages. I’m really fine now. I had it for about two weeks.”

O’Brien then noted, “I didn’t get tested but I’m pretty certain it was it [coronavirus].”

He added: “I just want to send love and strength to all of you that are going through it at the moment, love and strength to our NHS, our amazing NHS and all our health workers and everybody who’s been amazing.”