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Queens of the Stone Age threaten to cancel 'Mad Cool Festival' performance due to VIP section

Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme threatened to walk off stage and cancel the band’s planned performance at Mad Cool Festival because of the VIP section.

Homme became enraged when he noticed a large area close to the stage which had been reserved for VIP ticket holders only. Instead of beginning their set, Homme demanded that security allow general ticket holders into the area: “Security, you’d better let those people in,” he said. “I’m not playing until you let them in… you’d better let them in because you work for me tonight.”

“That’s right, come on in,” he added. “It’s a Queens Of The Stone Age concert and you can do whatever you want to do… Let them in. Look at my face. Let them in or I will walk down there and let them all in.”

Security succumbed to Homme’s demands and allowed general ticket holders into the VIP area close to the stage. When the show eventually got going again, the frontman then explained further why he was so angry about the setup. He said: “The reason I told them to let people in there with you guys is I’m getting sick of everyone telling everyone what to do. I’m sick of everyone being offended.

“We travelled thousands of miles to play your party, to give you a night to remember. And we won’t leave until you’re fucked up, high, dancing, making out with somebody and having the best night of your life. Otherwise, you’re just a bunch of domesticated animals.”

Here’s the full performance: