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Queen guitarist Brian May blames meat-eaters for the rise of coronavirus


Queen guitarist, Brian May, has blamed the meat-eating culture for its role in the current coronavirus pandemic.

May, who also explained that he turned vegan at the beginning of 2020, said that he planned to be “a bit more preachy about veganism because to me it is the way forward.”

Discussing the current coronavirus crisis, May said: “This pandemic seemed to come from people eating animals and it’s becoming more well known that eating animals is not the greatest thing for our health,” May told NME.

He added: “We’ve seen more of the effects of how eating animals has brought us to our knees as a species, I think it’s time to re-examine our world in a way that doesn’t abuse other species.”

May’s comments come shortly after for Beatle, Paul McCartney, urged China to shut down the much-debated wet markets following the deadly outbreak of coronavirus. A wet market, a longstanding tradition in China and Southeast Asia, is infamous for their animal markets which often results in live animals being slaughtered upon sale. While the markets have often resulted in negative headlines, it is the current coronavirus pandemic which has again shed a negative light on the practices taking place in the markets.

It has, of course, been widely reported that one such wet market is understood to have played a role in the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Now, as millions around the world remain in lockdown and thousands continue to die from the virus, McCartney has urged China to take stand against the markets. “I really hope that this will mean the Chinese government says ‘OK guys, we have really got to get super hygienic around here.’ Let’s face it, it is a little bit medieval eating bats,’” McCartney said as part of The Howard Stern Show.

“It’s not a stupid idea, it is a very good idea,” he said in regards to closing the markets. “They don’t need all the people dying. And what’s it for? All these medieval practices. They just need to clean up their act. This may lead to it. If this doesn’t, I don’t know what will.

“They might as well be letting off atomic bombs because it’s affecting the whole world,” McCartney added. “Whoever is responsible for this is at war with the world and itself.”

“I understand that part of it is going to be: people have done it forever, this is the way we do things. But they did slavery forever, too. You’ve got to change things at some point.”

 Listen to McCartney’s full interview with Stern on SiriusXM’s website.