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Pond drop new single 'Lights of Leeming'

Pond - 'Lights of Leeming'

Australian psychedelic rockers Pond have returned with a brand new song, ‘Lights of Leeming’.

Last year, the boys in Pond dropped their appropriately-named ninth studio album 9. The remarkably prolific band are set to release a deluxe version of the album featuring four songs from the sessions that didn’t make it on to the final cut of the LP. Today, we’re getting one of those songs in the trippy and frenetic ‘Lights of Leeming’.

Like most of 9, ‘Lights of Leeming’ is catchier and more conventional than some of the sprawling compositions of the group’s past work. Inspired by synth-pop and electronica, Pond are clearly revelling in kicking out the dancefloor jams. For a group that have struggled to emerge out of the shadow of their sister act, Tame Impala, ‘Lights of Leeming’ does a solid job establishing a unique sound for the band.

“‘Lights Of Leeming’ is a true story about the crushing boredom of suburbia and the wild and destructive things people do to break the monotony,” frontman Nicholas Allbrook explains. “To see that there’s at least something you can do to affect your surroundings — to be seen and validated as a real, existent part of the world — even if it’s just breaking something or getting in trouble. It’s pretty dumb fun, but dumb fun is important, right?”

Indeed it is. Dumb fun is right at the centre of ‘Lights of Leeming’, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be taken seriously as a song. It just works better as a mindless dance track, that’s all. Pond are amassing quite a catalogue of those, in between frenetic post-punk inspired jams like ‘Pink Lunettes’. It just goes to show how versatile Pond are, dropping a new single for every emotion and occasion.

Check out the video for ‘Lights of Leeming’ down below. The deluxe version of 9 is set for a May 20th release date.