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(Credit: POND)


POND release new video for 'Pink Lunettes'

POND - 'Pink Lunettes'

POND, the Australian psychedelic rock group and occasional farm team for Tame Impala, have released a new video for their track ‘Pink Lunettes’.

Do me a favour and don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics. I spent hours trying to decipher them, and when they showed up in helpful closed caption form in the video, I was right only about 20% of the time. Nick Allbrook would tell you the same thing.

“We sort of lurched straight outta mid-tempo into totally wired speed wobble punk so I didn’t really have time to write lyrics, just blurt scrapbook snippets and jitter around in fast forward,” Allbrook said. “I think we managed to jitter along the neon tightrope between totally unhinged, strobing spontaneity and focused forward momentum.”

Jittering officially accomplished. Lines like “a taste of chill anisette” and “it was like it was like aaaaaaaaa” don’t leave a lot to be interpreted, but it all serves the propellant funk groove drops and peaks like a good disco record. Allbrook is the hype man making sure you’re still on the dance floor, throwing out random phrases and ululations that don’t have to mean anything at all. As long as the beat is still pumping, who cares?

The accompanying video, which was most likely filmed on my dad’s RCA camcorder from 1982 and transferred onto an already broken VHS tape, keeps the focus exclusively on Allbrook, who cuts a striking figure as a bizarre mix of peak PiL-era John Lydon and peak Birthday Party-era Nick Cave, flashing light show for both intact. But the time the entire screen squeezes into its most nauseatingly exaggerated fish-eye lens daze, you’ll be so besotted by dry mouth that you’ll be rushing for the backroom bar. That is all to say that the song, and video, are both awesome.

They also call the new video an “official visualizer” which is just so goofy and silly that I’m 100% into it.

Check out the “official visualizer” down below.