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PNK SLM host party of the year


This weekend sees PNKSLM host an event which seems like it was created just for us! An whole host of incredible bands will take to the London streets (bars/clubs) and deliver us a punch of punk not seen since Sid Vicious’ domestic debauchery. Two days of riotous riffs and downright dirty acts including Far Out favourites Magic Potion, Lucern Raze, Thee MVPs and many more.

Day One (Oct 02) sees the acts from the imperious PNKSLM Recordings take over The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington and with the help of Holy, Thee MVPs and Magic Potion there’s bound to be a few spilt milks but minus the crying.

It’s a raucous line-up which promise boundless rock and roll for your tiny ears.

Day Two at the ever-faithful Old Blue Last sees Angelic Milk, Black Mekon, the amazing Lucern Raze and The Castillians footing the bill for making your feet shuffle like pneumatic monk on Sunday. With that kind of line-up you won’t stop ‘til you’re kicked out.

Do you know what makes it even better? It’s free – so no excuses.

Peel your jeans off the floor, stuff some sweetie-money in your pocket and get ready for a wild night like you’ve never seen before: The Slime Ball is here – let’s get good and dirty.

Infos all here so for now sit back and listen to this playlist of all the bands