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Magic Potion - Booored


Swedish Label PNKSLM are always good for a Friday night blast of energy, for us in the office it is a great way to blow out the cobwebs fresh for the weekend to try and fill our minds. Today is a little different though as we entertain Stockholm trio Magic Potion with their slacker-pop anthem ‘Booored’ as our Track of the Day.

The band are the perfect match for Stockholm’s PNKSLM Recordings (home to Les Big Byrd, Sudakistan, HOLY, Lucern Raze) and their debut EP Melt is due on June 1st, with cult UK indie label Beech Coma releasing the EP as a cassette + cassette/t-shirt bundle as well.

The song is an apathetic glance at the days of your youth that you spent staring at walls, telling it you were bored and expecting a result. Its delivery is drenched in pop sensibilities and deals with the idea of falling in love because there’s not much else to do.

In fact its main theme is the lack of anything, the lack of fun, the lack of personality that can present itself to a young man(and or woman). It does it with idealistic punk aplomb but metered out in yummy doses of sugary pop.

The track is gentle and measured and only further complimented buy the hazy vocals and lackadaisical delivery of them. It’s a piece of sunshine dream pop for people who want to stay out the sun. Perfect.

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