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Black Mekon - Deadman Afterthought Blues


You may have heard of the Manhattan Project, the scientific collective that devised the Atomic bomb some time ago, and I’m sure that most of us now know what the recently deceased Mikhail Kalashnikov will go down in history for. Similarly, keen David Attenborough fiends will be aware that Australia’s Inland Taipan snake has the most toxic venom of any land snake in the world. The maximum yield recorded for one bite is 110mg, enough to turn about 100 humans stone cold dead.

Black Mekon: "Deadman Afterthought Blues" by PNKSLM

I can almost hear you wondering what on earth these deadly entities have to do with Far Out Magazine’s Track of the Day. Well, have a listen to a couple, in fact all, of Black Mekon’s earth shattering efforts, especially from their latest offering ‘Stolen Bible 2’ and the aforementioned cataclysms won’t just become apt references, but pale metaphors.

Straight out of Birmingham UK (we all think) Black Mekon’s posses sonic qualities that seem to have been devised in the Mississippi Delta, time travelled with Ken Kesey’s acid drenched Merry Pranksters to pick up the Ramone’s, and other perilous ethos, at New York’s glorious 1970s punk palace CBGB before residing in, and soaking up, all of the fucking chaos contemporary life exudes, then converting into one wicked sound (albeit a hefty amount of which have been recorded for some years), reminiscent of the malevolent velocity of early Misfits numbers.

Warning, if existence is something that you value with just an ounce, and similarly your sanity, then watch your back and pick a shoulder to look over … Black Mekons don’t care less. Signed to the burgeoning PNKSLM label of Stockholm and London, I for one can’t wait to see what trail of destruction this band blaze throughout 2014 and beyond.

Joshua Hevicon