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(Credit: Pixey)


Pixey shares dancey new single 'Sunshine State'

Pixey - 'Sunshine State'

Pixey has got the disco ball spinning with her exuberant new single, ‘Sunshine State’.

It’s been a bright year for the Liverpool-based indie-pop sensation who shared her kaleidoscopic EP, Free To Live In Colour, in the Spring, and now she’s back with another euphoric anthem. Pixey has become an artist that you can trust for a pick me up. The baggy ‘Sunshine State’ is no different, and even sees her broaden her musical pallet by bringing a sprinkling of rave into her sound. 

Curiously, the song is co-written by the former drummer of The Vaccines, Pete Robertson, who left the group in 2016 and co-produced Beabadoobee’s debut album Space Cadet.

Throughout the joyous song, Pixey instructs everyone listening to forget about everything going on outside and get lost in the moment. “From the hill to the dock, The north to the south, all the kids in the block, Now listen up, Our revolution has only begun, Now move your feet to the bang of the drum,” she liberatingly sings on the opening verse.

Pixey says the track is a celebration of “people coming together through music and being free to start whatever revolution they want, big or small. It’s also about that power and mood that music can give you.”

She continues: “I recorded the instrumental in the morning and finished the lyrics driving along the Liverpool docks by the afternoon. The whole song was finished in a day – it was a tune that came so naturally to me”.

There are infectious hooks galore in ‘Sunshine State’, and Pixey’s textured blend of vocals on the track make it a restless listen. At the end of the song, you’ll be catching your breath and find yourself daydreaming about dancing away in idyllic surroundings with live music blasting.