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(Credit: Zack Mahrouche)


Pixey shares the colourful single 'Electric Dream'

Pixey - 'Electric Dream'

Pixey has shared her brand new colourful single, ‘Electric Dream’.

This track is the latest effort from the Liverpool-based artist, and Pixey looks like the newest musician to emerge with a bright future from a city in the country that continues to punch above its weight when producing music. After a near-fatal illness in 2016 that left her in hospital for a month, Pixey had an epiphany and decided that she wanted to give music, her real passion, all of her efforts. While this was a decision that came about in devastating circumstances, the result of this epiphany has been a life-changing one.

She signed to Chess Club Records in 2020, and ‘Electric Dream’ is the latest effort that she has released as she gears up to release her first EP, Free To Live In Colour, on March 24th. The single is a bright and vivid track that makes for an enthralling listen, thanks to a rapturous chorus that has a dance element running through it and above all is a feel-good track that makes for a blissful tonic.

The singer notes about the new single: “‘Electric Dream’ was originally written as a piano ballad but after finishing the lyrics I felt the song worked as a dance track. I wrote it to make sense of being locked in with nothing to rely on but technology. The verses are all of my anxieties that come with that – like trying to simulate humanity digitally and what kind of a future that would be – but the choruses are about the imperfections of real-life that technology and AI can’t give us.”

Commenting on the EP, Pixey adds: “I wanted a collection of tracks which gave a quick snapshot into me and my brain – where I’m from, where I want to be and what I’m thinking about,” “I hope people can take something meaningful from it or simply have a dance.”

‘Electric Dream’ feels fresh and builds to a euphoric destination that Pixey guides the listener throughout the track. Check out the official video below, and take flight on an electric daydream.