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(Credit: Pixey)


Pixey shares new video for 'The Mersey Line'


Pixey, the Liverpudlian singer-songwriter, has just released a video for her hometown-referencing track ‘The Mersey Line.’ The song is featured on the new EP Free to Live in Color.

The video itself plays as a sort of homage to Liverpool, and includes a number of landmarks with which Pixey was familiar. “‘The Mersey Line’ video was shot in one day at all my favourite haunts around the city,” she says. “The song itself is about the walkway line along the River Mersey, so we retraced the steps I used to take as a kid and also when I was starting out as a musician. I would write lyrics to my songs along the same path. I wanted something that sums me up wholly as a person, and I’d say the video does just that.”

One of the best ways to figure out in artist is to find what inspires them. In Pixey’s case, the inspirations are both retro and modern. “I particularly like the idea of using samples/making my own riffs sound like samples which was heavily inspired by the [De La Soul] album 3 Feet High and Rising,” she says. “Starting out initially though Grimes was a huge catalyst when I realized she wrote, recorded and produced herself.”

Another great way to find out the personal tastes and influences of an artist is to see if they’ve made any playlists on Spotify. Low and behold, Pixey has one called Groove Salad (top name) that sports everything you could ever want in a startup indie musician: The Dig, Nick Drake, SOPHIE (R.I.P), a few La’s songs, and even some offbeat choices like jazz pianist Lloyd Miller and blues songwriter George Jackson.

You can hear the mixing of several different genres all over Free to Live in Color, from the jangle pop guitar riffs of ‘Just Move’ to the downtempo breakbeats of the title track. It makes for a musically fascinating and audibly enticing stew.

Free to Live in Color is available to stream now. Check out the video for ‘The Mersey Line’, as well as Pixey’s Groove Salad playlist, down below.