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(Credit: David Gilmour)


Pink Floyd's David Gilmour speaks out on Ukraine invasion

Ex-Pink Floyd frontman David Gilmour has weighed in on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He’s urged Russian soldiers to defy President Putin and not carry out their orders as the war rages on, seven days after Russian troops first set foot in their democratic neighbour to the west.

Writing on Twitter on March 1st, Gilmour said: “Russian soldiers, stop killing your brothers. There will be no winners in this war”.

He continued: “My daughter-in-law is Ukrainian and my granddaughters want to visit and know their beautiful country. Stop this before it is all destroyed. Putin must go.”

In his emotionally charged post, Gilmour included a clip of his song ‘In Any Tongue’, taken from his 2015 album Rattle That Lock. The track comprises lyrics by the novelist Polly Sampson, Gilmour’s wife, and is imbued with a defiant anti-war sentiment. The lyrics describe the pointless deaths of young soldiers, and they mirror the truly horrific scenes we’re seeing unfold in Ukraine. 

Gilmour is just one of many prominent figures from the entertainment world who have taken to social media to show their support for Ukraine since Putin ordered the barbaric invasion on February 24th. These include Stevie Nicks, Madonna, Elton John, Yungblud and Foals. Additionally, Ukrainian metal band Jinjer and London-based duo Bloom Twins have also spoken out. 

Elsewhere, a slew of acts have cancelled their concerts in Russia, citing Putin’s invasion as the metric. These include Green Day, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Yungblud and Franz Ferdinand. 

As the conflict has entered its seventh day, things are looking increasingly bleak. Russia has raised the intensity of its attack, with more and more casualties being reported on both sides and civilian casualties rising each day. One thing is obvious, the country is on the verge of a shocking humanitarian disaster.

This is a developing story.

Listen to ‘In Any Tongue’ below.