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(Credit: Davis Bates)


Watch Phoebe Bridgers and The Killers perform 'Runaway Horses'

This week Phoebe Bridgers joined The Killers onstage during their set at the Colours of Ostrava festival in the Czech Republic, and together they stormed through their 2021 song ‘Runaway Horses’. 

During this surprising version, Bridgers and the band’s frontman, Brandon Flowers duetted, complementing each other’s voices wonderfully, in what is apparently the first time both acts have performed the track together in the live setting.

“Ok who got a video of me singing with the killers,” Bridgers wrote on Twitter shortly after her appearance. Understandably, she was then inundated with footage from fans.

‘Runaway Horses’ appeared on The Killers’ most recent album, Pressure Machine, which dropped last August. Speaking to NME at the time, Flowers explained that when he first heard Bridgers’ 2017 cut ‘Funeral’, he instantly knew it was her, as her reputation preceded her. “There was so much beauty. It seemed so natural,” he expressed.

He continued: “She has a little bit of Wild West in her. She has rodeo people in her bloodline. She brought a sadness to the song that’s integral to it, but also inherent in her. It was the perfect combination.”

Reviewing Pressure Machine at the time of release, Far Out‘s Tyler Golsen wrote: “If you’ve been put off by Flowers as a lyricist before, maybe certain lines about wondering if we’re humans or dancers or claiming to have soul without being a soldier, then you will be surprised by Pressure Machine. Flowers dispenses with the vague grandiosity and hones in on specific and beautifully detailed stories. It suits him well.”

“The sound created is unlike any other Killers album before it, but it’s intricate and captivating in equal measure. If all you want from the Killers is bombast, then Pressure Machine won’t fill your needs, but if you’re willing to take the band seriously as the heirs to Springsteen’s dichotomous balance of blue-collar defeatism and fist-pumping excitement, then there’s a lot to love.”

Watch Bridgers join The Killers onstage for ‘Runaway Horses’ below.

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