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Phoebe Bridgers speaks out on ‘Roe v Wade’

Late last month, Phoebe Bridgers responded to the breaking news of the ‘Roe v Wade’ overturn during her Glastonbury setlist in a scathing fashion.

“This is my first time here. In all honestly, it’s super surreal and fun, but I am having like the shittiest day,” Bridgers told the Glastonbury crowd. “Are there any Americans here? Who wants to say, ‘Fuck the Supreme Court’ on three?”

She was far from the only one to address the controversial ruling at the festival as culture fought back for the autonomy of individuals and made a statement that the ruling would certainly be contested. As Bridgers later declared: “This is the darkest day in American history.”

Now, Bridgers has continued to use her platform to speak about the issue, appearing on MSNBC to speak about Women’s Rights and Abortion. She said, “I think people are terrified.”

She then added that is lamentable that she has to speak about such issues in the first place. “I hate that the responsibility has been thrown on these grassroots organisations instead of the government.”

You can watch her full comments on the issue in the interview clip below. 

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