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(Credit: Davis Bates)


Phoebe Bridgers and Olivia Rodrigo share touring tips


Appearing via an Instagram Live stream, Phoebe Bridgers was recently joined by Olivia Rodrigo for an impromptu discussion about life as a touring musician following their appearances on the TV show, Austin City Limits. The fellow singer-songwriters appeared on last Saturday’s episode (December 4th) of the PBS show, where Rodrigo performed at Austin’s Moody Theatre for the very first time.

Following their television appearances, Bridgers and Rodrigo took to Instagram Live to discuss life on the road, with Ridgrigo – who is about to set off on the tour for her debut album Sour – asking Bridgers for some advice on how to look after yourself while city-hopping. “Getting to travel is great, Bridgers began, “But getting to travel because of [music] makes it much more fun.”

Speaking as something of a veteran when it comes to touring, Bridgers said: “If you go on vacation and you get depressed, it’s so much worse. If you’re depressed on tour, you’re surrounded by people, you get to be with all your friends and it’s like work. The magical moments are so much better, and the sadder moments are really so much better”.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Rodrigo and Bridgers spoke about their differing approaches to writing music during the Covid-19 pandemic. While Rodrigo found herself able to write the whole of Sour during the lockdown, Bridgers felt creatively crippled by being forced into isolation. “This is what I did for the pandemic,” Bridgers said, starring blankly at a wall. “I probably wrote one half of a song.”

The pair then went on to discuss their favourite dressing room snacks, with Bridgers likening her rider to the food you’d find in a “church basement”; one that includes things like hummus, baguettes, and a deliberate absence of alcohol, on the basis that she’s a self-proclaimed “square”.

Bridgers’ appearance on Austin City Limits after the program’s namesake festival managed to cut the singer-songwriters sound in the middle of her set. The festival organisers later apologised, blaming the error on “miscommunication on stage by ACL Festival personnel.” Austin City Limits also supported its apology with a donation to Texas Abortion Fund.