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(Credit: Loock / Wikimedia)


New Pete Doherty memoir, 'A lIkely Lad', to arrive in 2022


Pete Doherty has just announced his new memoir, which will hit the shelves on June 16th. published via Little Brown, A Likely Lad is the product of a collaboration between the Libertines frontman and Simon Pence. The synopsis promises “Doherty’s version of the story – the genuine man behind the fame and infamy. This is a rock memoir like no other.”

It continues: “In A Likely Lad, Doherty explores his darkest moments. With astonishing frankness – and his trademark wit and humour – he takes us inside decadent parties, substance-fuelled nights, prison and his self-destruction. Doherty also reflects on the turbulent relationships with various significant people in his life across the years.”

As well as spilling the finer details of his 00’s debauchery, A Likely Lad will see Doherty discuss “poetry, Paris, philosophy, politics, the music business and his key influences (from Hancock to Baudelaire). There is humour, warmth, insight, baleful reflection and a defiant sense of triumph.”

News of the memoir comes after Doherty revealed that he nearly “lost my feet” while struggling with drug addiction. He is now two years clean and lives in France with his new wife Katia de Vidas.

In a recent interview, Doherty also opened up about how working on The Fantasy Life of Poetry & Crime with his latest collaborator Frédéric Lo helped him in his fight against his addiction. Back in January, Doherty also explained how his experience of living in Normandy during lockdown “completely separated [him] from England and from addiction”.

He went on to note: “I was getting clean. I suppose there was just so much recklessness for such a long period of time and not really caring what anyone else thought that it reverses, and all of a sudden you go from having no pressure to being hyper-sensitively aware of this new expectation,” he said. I think the creative process is like an addiction in itself. I need to write songs, and I’ve never really got to the bottom of it.”