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Credit: Camille Vivier


Perfume Genius releases short film 'Pygmalion's Ugly Season'


American indie pop stalwart Michael Hadreas, better known by his public persona of Perfume Genius, has released a new short film, Pygmalion’s Ugly Season, as part of the promotion for his upcoming studio LP Ugly Season.

The film could not have come at a better time. For obvious reasons, considering how the film’s parent album is due out on Friday, but also to highlight some true queer art during Pride month. Along with director Jacolby Satterwhite, Hadreas has created a visually stunning and wonderfully abstract interpretation of the album’s songs and themes.

“I gave him free rein,” Hadreas says about the decisions made by Satterwhite. “We’re both the same age, I feel very aligned with Jacolby when it comes to taste and certain pop culture obsessions. There is also a spiritual harmony between us in the way we approach work and the similar energetic spaces we want to inhabit, realize and share.”
“Mike and I are both writing scripts,” explains Satterwhite. “My visual narrative serendipitously mirrors the lyrical direction in his music; it’s a rare, like-minded bond. It’s a creation myth. How do you architecturally mould and render an idealized version of utopia? It’s about making something that you desire so beyond your scope that it’s hard to grapple into a concrete form.”

Hadreas is no stranger to short films. The concert film for his last studio effort, Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, incorporated a number of artistic flourishes and visual pleasures that most concert films lack. It’s clear that in another life, or perhaps a little later on in this one, Hadreas would make a fantastic filmmaker, but for now, we should just be thankful that he’s gifting us with a new album and a stunning new short film.

Check out Pygmalion’s Ugly Season down below. Ugly Season is set to drop this Friday, June 17th.