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Credit: Camille Vivier


Perfume Genius releases new concert film

American indie pop madman Michael Hadreas, better known to the public at large as Perfume Genius, has just released a new concert film celebrating the one year anniversary of his fantastic fifth studio album Set My Heart on Fire Immediately.

Hadreas, a highly enigmatic performer who’s equally engrossing when he is being applauded by thousands of fans as he is when performing in an empty auditorium, gives his all in the performance for no one, as COVID had been thoroughly ravaging the world by that point. It hardly matters, as Hadreas and his band, complete with an additional string section, feed off each other’s energy as they barrel through jam after jam, alternating between pummeling dance floor numbers and emotional ballads. Highlights include the delicate Set My Heart on Fire Immediately cut ‘Jason’, rocking set closer ‘Queen’, and an openly vulnerable version of Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’.

All proceeds raised from the livestream were donated to the charity Immigration Equality, an American immigrant rights organisation that focuses specifically on working with LGBTQ individuals against additional discrimination during the process of acquiring citizenship. A noble cause paired with great music? That sounds like a win-win to me.

Really, the concert footage acts as a cruel reminder that no one has been able to set foot in a club, auditorium, or stadium in so long that the very idea of a live show existing without a livestream is absolutely ludicrous. But there is light on the horizon. Soon enough we’ll all be able to step foot into a sweaty show space, buy an insanely overpriced beer, and stand patiently in the middle of a pit waiting for the opening act to get the hell off the stage. It will be glorious.

Until then, relive the glory of Perfume Genius’ Live at the Palace Theatre down below.