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Watch Pearl Jam pay tribute to Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins

Pearl Jam paid tribute to deceased Foo Fighters percussionist Taylor Hawkins on May 7th, performing ‘Cold Day In The Sun’, which was Hawkins’ signature number with the band. Fittingly, Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron took to the microphone for the song, which now doubled as a eulogy of sorts for the late percussionist.

“It’s never easy when you lose someone,” Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder revealed to the audience. “As you get older, you’ll notice it starts happening more and more. It’s just where you are on the timeline and where your friends are on the timeline. But sometimes like this, it’s so unexpected, but also, it makes it harder because he was someone who truly, truly loved living life on this planet.”

Hawkins was admired by many, both as a vocalist and a drummer. In an interview conducted before Hawkins’s death, Stewart Copeland singled both Foo Fighters drummers – Hawkins and vocalist Dave Grohl, who was previously the drummer for Nirvana – as two contemporary percussionists he admired.

Queen bandmates Brian May and Roger Taylor were both devastated, the latter likening him to a member of his family. Meanwhile, 10cc drummer Kevin Godley issued a statement on his Instagram, wishing the Foo Fighters bandmate luck on his journey.

During an interview conducted in 2021, Hawkins detailed his past experiences, claiming he bought into the myth that rockstars were meant to live fast and carelessly. He showed some concern for his past misgivings and cautioned readers about the dangers of the rock mythos. Hawkins was found dead in his hotel room in Bogota, aged 50. The Foo Fighters were due to perform at a festival on March 25th, when it was announced that Hawkins had died.

A toxicology report conducted by Colombian authorities indicated drugs, including marijuana, opioids, tricyclic antidepressants, and benzodiazepines. As a mark of respect to their comrade, the band cancelled all remaining tour dates. Hawkins appeared with the other members of Foo Fighters in their film Studio 666. Hawkins formed a rock band called Chevy Metal in 2013 when the other members of the Foo Fighters were on a break.

Stream the Pearl Jam performance below.