Peace - World Pleasure


Peace have re-surfaced from their recent obscurity and with their last reverb filled LP In Love still ringing around the country and their influence only now starting to filter into the collective conscious it is with great satisfaction that we can present a new string to the Brummies ever-increasing Bow.

Harry Koisser and co. take a Blockhead approach to merge funk bass and jabbing guitar with Ian Brown delivery and a starry eyed sound to get World Pleasure. Falling between funky rhythm and classic rock guitar can be a tricky jump indeed, but Peace’s effortless and unexpected use of it makes this a-soon-to-be-club-classic. You can just hear the remixers of the world rubbing their harvesting hands together. It is this hedonistic history lesson that has made Far Out’s Track Of The Day.

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There’s a sense of humour to Peace in their latest offering, demonstrated none clearer than with Koisser’s rapping performance, mixing Ian Drury with Jamie T he manages to not only rap and not sound ridiculous but use the sardonic, angsty lyrics to make the verse his own. Only matched by his brother Sam’s fantastic bass solo which joins the funky credentials of the sound with the rock and roll roots of the band.

Peace are at the forefront of the Brum scene, leading the pack and even further progressing the scene with World Pleasure. A scene still finding it’s feet as it works on moving form crawl to full blown running, and this kind of inventiveness will surely have them donning the  Nikes quicker than some may have expected.


Jack Whatley