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PCPC - Fell Into the Wrong Crowd

Parquet Courts have re-ermerged under yet another moniker for this brand new collaboration with fellow New York noisemakers PC Worship.

The resulting project is PCPC and ‘Fell Into the Wrong Crowd’ is the first piece of music we have been treated to, just two weeks after Andrew Savage and Austin Brown of Parkay Quarts took out Track of the Day with ‘Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth’.

The latest collaboration is an expansive piece of punk rock that tentatively introduces itself with withers of distortion and feedback for a good couple of minutes before any titter of an intentional cord can be heard.

However, the eventual monster that reveals itself is a sprawling 11-minute slice of rock ‘n’ roll – kind of like a grizzly mutation of the hits that populated Light Up Gold.

Savage describes PCPC as: “What happens when two legendary rock juggernauts join forces. In this instance, members of PC Worship and Parquet Courts have merged into a NY noise-rock confederacy, each band bringing their own sonic distinctions.

“Spawning from a long history of playing shows together as separate entities, PCPC is born out of an aesthetic solidarity, and will to create something new.”

Make of that what you will, but we think the track’s god damn fantastic.

Patrick Davies