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Parquet Courts - You've Got Me Wondering Now


The New York hipsters Parquet Courts are at it again this time with You’ve Got Me Wondering Now I another record that is full to the brim with marauding, moaning lyrics and urban dark age vocals but all delivered with a quick beat and kicky bass lines laden with Big Apple hustle and bustle.

You’ve Got Me Wondering Now sticks to the band’s ethos of quick, punchy and catchy punk pearlers while they retain the ability to scythe through a three chord wonder with the odd loving lyric or tutting reference to life as we know it. But the main thing about this band that will appeal to so many is that they seemingly just don’t give a fuck about you or what you think.

In this age of constant exposure through social media bands are continually trying to appease fans and critics alike. Whether it be with clever giveaways or re-tweeting fans (something which feels dirty just saying), Parquet Courts however seem quite happy to move back to their New York squat and play these songs for the rats and the hanging hobos regardless of audience or press prestige.

“I thought I knew a thing or two about the blues. But you’ve got me wondering now” – Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts have managed with a dollop of rhythm and a splash of distortion to encapsulate all it is to be an angst ridden teenager smashing pallets of wood and glass bottles in the industrial streets. But they do it all with a wry post-modern smirk at the ludicrous nature of it all.


Jack Whatley