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Parkay Quarts - Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth

Well here’s a lovely surprise, in the absence of two members due to childbirth and acquisition of a maths degree, Andrew Savage and Austin Brown of Parquet Courts have done a bit of typographic tinkering and come up with something so great it’s our Track of the Day.

‘Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth’ is bona fide disproof for anyone who thought they could accuse the Brooklyn rockers of simply being noise merchants – but let’s face it, we all knew they were fools in the first place.

The song is the ideal soundtrack for the wistful Autumn cold, taking on a guise of poignant reflection, touching on emotions of downtrodden loneliness, alienation and helplessness. Its lyrics seem a million miles from the humerus and witty, but ultimately more trivial ‘Stoned and Starving’.

It is still based around a beautifully simple riff, that rattles in the ear of the listener for six minutes of epicness. If Parquet Courts ever have a ‘lighter in the air moment’ (we kind of hope they don’t), then this would be it. Basically, it’s traditionally anthemic in a way that we’re not sure we’ve seen from them before.

As it enters its final 60 seconds though, it’s time for lift-off. A deft guitar solo explodes into something with a lot more anger, indicating that despite being two men down and with the hedonism of summer behind them, this is a band who are rabble-rousing, even at their most reflective.

Patrick Davies
(Featured image by Ryan Muir)