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Credit: Press


Paul Weller says he "never" told Noel Gallagher to go it alone


There’s been a longstanding belief that surrounded the break-up of the Mancunian Britpop legends, Oasis. That rumour had another British institution of rock at the centre of it: Paul Weller.

The Modfather and lead singer of The Jam has always found himself in the middle of the split thanks to Liam Gallagher’s belief that he, along with The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, advised Noel Gallagher to break up the band and go solo. Now, Weller has had his say.

He was reacting to comments from Liam Gallagher on his, yes, you guessed it, Twitter page, which said that Gallagher and Weller had been having ‘secret meetings’ about breaking up the band.

“Listen – to put the record straight, I would never, ever give Noel Gallagher advice,” Weller told NME in a recent interview. “What do you say to somebody who’s just sold 50 million fucking records? ‘Oh, I know what you should do…’ So that’s not true.”

It was the quick dispatch of a silly rumour that shows Paul Weller has got a lot more than silly feuds on his mind. With a new record on the way, Weller has only ever focused on the future. “I’ve got better things to think about,” he said, concluding, “I love both of them, anyway… I think they’re both brilliant characters.”

Listen below to Paul Weller’s new song ‘Village’ below: