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Credit: Press


Paul Weller says he may not make another album because 'music has changed'

The Modfather, Paul Weller is one of Britain’s unwavering talents. Never comfortable with repeating himself, the former Jam lead singer has had an impressive career that counts a plethora of studio albums, all different from one to the next.

His most recent album Fat Pop (Volume 1), has seen Weller reflect on the music business. A few weeks back he noted the pitiful money made from becoming the number one album in the country, thanks to streaming revenue, and now suggests that he may not make another album as the industry has changed too drastically.

Weller was speaking as part of a listening party hosted by The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess as they focus on the dynamic singer’s sixteenth LP. The record was created over lockdown and sees Weller, once again, showing off his innate ability to always be moving forward.

However, during one thread, Weller appeared to suggest that the record may well be his last: “I don’t know if I’ll make any more records after this one; it’s hard to say at the moment. This is my 16th solo album! I can’t believe it!

“I often think that after I finish an album – there’s so much more involved in making/putting out albums these days.”

Following up to this tweet, Weller explained further that it is the industry that puts him off: “The music business has changed so much in the last few years, I don’t really recognise it anymore,” he said, noting the change of listener’s consumption.

“Thankfully, there’s still great music being made and I’m sure that will always stay that way,” Weller continued. “But generally I don’t think people invest in music like we did before streaming/downloads etc.”

Hopefully, with a bit of time and patience, Paul Weller will be back in the studio making music for himself once more.