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Paul Weller labels Spotify "disgraceful”


Paul Weller has spoken up against Spotify and labelled the streaming service “disgraceful”.

As the ability to tour live shows has remained off the shelf over the last twelve months, Weller, like most artists, has been forced to rely on streaming services for his income. The former frontman of The Jam is dismayed with how Spotify treat artists and even revealed the figure he got paid for his 2020 album, On Sunset, despite clocking millions of streams on the platform.

Weller is currently gearing up to release his sixteenth-studio album, Fat Pop (Vol. 1), next month, and this will be his second album released during the pandemic, which he hasn’t been able to tour.

Speaking to Mojo, the former Style Council man explained: “I am not for Spotify whatsoever. It’s great for punters. You pay your nine quid every month and listen to whatever you want. But for the artist it’s shit. It’s disgraceful.”

He continued: “I had three million Spotify plays for ‘On Sunset ‘[his latest album, released in 2020]. For that I made nine and a half grand in revenue. All right, it’s nine grand, but it’s not £3 million is it? Whichever fucker thought music should be free was a marketing whizz because that genie will not go back in the bottle.”

Weller’s comments come following Apple Music writing a letter to artists and labels informing them that the streaming service now pays, on average, double per stream in comparison to their main competitor, Spotify.

The letter, which Wall Street Journal has seen, was sent by Apple Music to labels and publishers. They also posted the note on the platform’s artist dashboard, where they proudly proclaimed that Apple Music now pays one cent per stream on average. However, the streaming platform did add that that rates paid to artists vary based on subscription plans and even the geographical location of listeners.