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Paul Weller’s shares soulful new song ‘Shades Of Blue'

Paul Weller - 'Shades Of Blue'

Paul Weller has shared his glistening brand new single, ‘Shades Of Blue’, which proves precisely why The Modfather is still an essential voice in music.

Weller’s sparkling career speaks for itself. It’s a lifetime ago since he emerged as the voice of a disgruntled generation with The Jam and then went on to showcase his neu-soul credentials with The Style Council, a decision which led to an unexpected left turn Weller creating some of the best music of his career. Since releasing his debut solo album in 1992, Weller has continued to look forward at every opportunity, and his sixteenth-studio album, Fat Pop (Vol. 1)is shaping up to be another delight from one of Britain’s most loved artists.

It was only last year that Weller released his previous album, On Sunset. Still, with little else to do with touring cancelled, The Modfather instead decided to put the lockdown to good use by getting back to his seeking sanctuary in the recording studio.

Not only is ‘Shades Of Blue’ an uplifting soul number that has a hook reminiscent of something that Weller and Mick Talbot would have cooked up in the days of The Style Council, not only is the track a delectable joy, but there’s also a heartwarming tale to go with it too.

‘Shades of Blue’ features Weller wonderfully duetting with his daughter, Leah, who is an artist in her own right. Weller was the architect for the verses while Leah wrote the chorus during a studio session together.

The father and daughter duo touchingly sing in unison on the track: “Spend all your life, Just to find out, All that matters, Is close to you, The people you know, The things that you show, That shape our views, The places you’ve been, To follow a dream, In shades of blue”.

It’s impossible not to connect with the positive message at the heart of the track as the Weller’s wistfully take a moment to reflect on life’s most precious things and show their shared appreciation for one another.

Stream the song, below.