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Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr pay tribute to George Harrison on the 20th anniversary of his death

The surviving members of The Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, have paid tribute to their late bandmate, George Harrison, on what is the 20th anniversary of his death. Taking to their social media accounts, the pair shared short messages and images in tribute to The Beatles’ legendary guitarist.

Harrison passed away on November 29th, 2001, owing to complications from lung cancer at the age of 58. Through his official Twitter account, McCartney shared a vintage image of him and Harrison in the studio and said: “Hard to believe that we lost George 20 years ago. I miss my friend so much. Love Paul”.

The typically optimistic, Ringo Starr shared a line on his Instagram, and stated: “Peace and love to you George I miss you man. Peace and love Ringo”. He shared a candid photo of the pair smoking cigars at a dinner party. 

Harrison’s widow, Olivia, also joined in on the tributes and shared a short video through her Instagram account, which featured a hazy photograph of the late icon accompanied by his solo effort ‘Within You Without You’, and the caption: “We love you, George”.

Discussion of The Beatles’ career is now in full swing following the release of Peter Jackson’s extensive new Disney+ documentary, The Beatles: Get Back. Receiving critical acclaim across the board, the film gives insight into the band’s final days and has dispelled many longstanding myths about their break up, including the age-old tale that John Lennon’s partner, Yoko Ono, was largely to blame for their demise.

On Saturday evening, November 27th, Ono shared a piece to her fans titled: “Beatles Fans Think ‘Get Back’ Dispels The Idea That Yoko Ono Broke The Band Up”. If you watch the film, you’ll be surprised by just how quiet Ono is in the studio, happily doing her paperwork and reading newspapers.

Of the myth, Peter Jackson said: “If you ask Paul how he felt about Yoko back then, he’ll give you an honest answer, but it’s an honest answer filtered through the 50 years of what’s happened since. There, you’ve got Michael asking questions right there and then at the time, so you’re getting the totally unfiltered answer. The truth, really.”

See the tributes to Harrison, below.