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Paris Jackson drops the grunge-inspired song 'Lighthouse'

Paris Jackson - 'lighthouse'

Paris Jackson has returned with her latest single, ‘Lighthouse’. A grunge inflected piece that comes with a grainy video to boot, it’s surprisingly decent. Across the song, Jackson channels her inner Sheryl Crow while marrying it with the kind of catchy grunge of the likes of Hole and Veruca Salt. 

The chorus is a real earworm, which dances around an overdriven hook, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that Jackson is signed to Epitaph and not Universal, as this type of music is very en vogue at the minute, and the former house a smattering of acts who do it so well, including Teenage Wrist. For any eagle-eyed viewers, you’ll notice that Teenage Wrist drummer, Anthony Salazar is doing his thing behind Jackson, giving the track even more authenticity.

For anyone wanting to understand just how grunge Jackson has gone with her new cut, look no further than the following set of lyrics: “I can feel the lights go low / But I don’t wanna let go now / Maybe if I turn around, you’ll see me / And what you used to be / Your wave keeps crashing in a changeless sea / And I can’t help but feel it’s drowning me / No, I can’t breathe / The oil’s burnt in the lighthouse, my shipwrecked on your teeth”.

Per a press release, ‘Lighthouse’ was inspired by Nirvana’s single ‘Silver’ more than anything else. Although the grunge aesthetic is certainly there, the similarities between the two are pretty sparse; but this is not a critique. It reflects that Jackson has been able to draw on the influence of the past and make something new, even if it is slightly derivative sounding. Her vocal performance is the standout part of the track and has us hotly anticipating whatever move she makes next. 

Jackson‘s new song is the lead single from her upcoming EP, which is, as of this moment, untitled. It is the follow-up to her three-song project, The Lost, that she dropped earlier in the year, and the collaborations she released last year with Manchester Orchestra and The Struts. 

If her earlier releases had not made it clear, the future looks extremely bright for Paris Jackson. She’s clearly a very talented individual trying to strike it out on her own, and it seems to be working.

Listen to ‘Lighthouse’ below.

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