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Paramore’s Hayley Williams unleashes debut solo album 'Petals for Armor'


After months of talk, a prolonged period of promotion, Hayley Williams has finally released her debut solo album Petals for Armor.

“There are a lot of themes covered on the album as a whole and I thought it best to separate some of these themes so that there can be time for everyone to digest some of the songs before we move along to others,” Williams said in a press release. “It’s a way to include people on the journey in the same way that I experienced it.”

“I’m so ready and so incredibly humbled to get to share this project,” Williams previously said of the record. “Making it was a scary, empowering experience. Some of my proudest moments as a lyricist happened while writing Petals for Armor. And I was able to get my hands a little dirtier than usual when it came to instrumentation. I’m in a band with my favourite musicians so I never really feel the need to step into a role as a player when it comes to Paramore records.

“This project, however, benefited from a little bit of musical naïveté and rawness and so I experimented quite a bit more. I made this with some of the closest people to me. Their respective talents really shine bright throughout the record. I like to think we all make each other better and the result is something that sounds and feels exactly as I’d hoped it would. Now that it’s time to put it all out there, I can finally exhale. I’m excited to let people in to experience a different side of myself that I’ve only very recently become familiar with.”

Stream the album, below.

In other Williams-related news, the musician has been forced to postpone her planned tour dates amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

The planned tour was due to begin in May but Williams has announced the decision to reschedule the dates, which included a major show at London’s Electric Brixton, until next year.

“Due to the continuing restrictions on travel and large gatherings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK and Europe Petals For Armor tour dates currently scheduled for May are being rescheduled for 2021.

The North American Petals For Armor dates will be rescheduled as well. More information when the new dates will take place will be available soon. Tickets for both the UK/Europe and North America dates will be honoured the rescheduled dates. However, should you have any other questions about your tickets please reach out to your point of purchase.”

“Im very sorry we wont see each other in real life soon,” Williams wrote on Instagram. “eventually, though.”

See the post, below.