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(Credit: Academy / YouTube)

Oscars 2019: Spike Lee walks out after 'Green Book' wins Best Picture


Spike Lee couldn’t hide his frustration after it was revealed that Green Book landed the Oscars for Best Picture at the 91st Academy Awards.

Lee, whose film BlacKkKlansman was also in the running for the top prize, reportedly attempted to leave the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles upon hearing that the Peter Farrelly directed film had been victorious.

After being urged to return to his seat, Lee then reportedly turned his back on the stage for the acceptance speeches.

Afterwards, in the press room, Lee told reporters that “the ref made a bad call” by handing the award to Green Book and began to reference his film Do The Right Thing which failed to be nominated in 1989. “I’m snakebit. I mean every time somebody’s driving somebody, I lose. But they changed the seating arrangement!” he told reporters.

“I thought I was courtside at the (Madison Square) Garden, and the ref made a bad call,” he added.

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Lee has attempted to avoid discussing Green Book in the run up to the Oscars and, when asked directly about it in a prior email, the filmmaker responded: “I had a talk with my wife, and we’re not speaking about no other films. Particularly that one.”

Lee’s disapproval of Green Book may not come as a surprise, however, as in that very same interview he was asked if he’d voice his anger if the film did end up winning Best Picture, to which he replied: “Well I didn’t say that! Let’s not take it too far!”

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