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Oscars 2019: Mahershala Ali wins Best Supporting Actor for 'Green Book'

Mahershala Ali has won the Best Supporting Actor category at the 91st Oscars ceremony for his role as Don Shirley in Green Book.

Dr Don Shirley is a world-class African-American pianist, who is about to embark on a concert tour in the Deep South and the film follows his journey.

Director Peter Farrelly, best known for wacky comedies such as There’s Something About Mary and Dumb & Dumber, has hit his stride with this touching, reality-based story, set in 1962.

Far Out described Ali’s work as “a brilliant, subtle performance that allows glimpses of Don Shirley’s pain and ambiguity to quietly show through his careful reserve,” in the review.

In his acceptance speech, Ali thanked Shirley himself and the “leadership and guidance” of his director Farrelly. Signing off, Ali thanked his grandmother “who has been in my ear my entire life, telling me if I don’t at first succeed, try, try again always pushing me to think positively. She has got me over the hump every step of the way.”